Fondazione CRT is a private non-profit banking institution that works closely with the local community. The Foundation acts as an accelerator for the development and growth of cultural, artistic, social and scientific projects in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

For the website restyling and the design of a new digital identity – subsequent to the analysis phase – we developed a new positioning strategy that places Fondazione CRT as a key player in the territory and among Foundations at national level. In order to achieve this goal, we conceived a narrative path capable of highlighting the relationship with the community, its stories and its values, and we developed a navigation flow able to convey Fondazione CRT’S work vision. The UX and UI analysis were fundamental to make the navigation experience clear, intuitive and effective.

The new website features a linear and intuitive structure with dynamic and modular components that make it easier to manage and update, as well as optimising the content fruition, adapting well to any device. Its system was designed to maximise the content categorization and linking mechanisms between pages through associated tags and filters. There are also storytelling elements that reinforce user interaction and navigation.

The solutions implemented for the new website were designed with the aim to draw more attention to accessibility and inclusion, thus continuing the commitment already undertaken with the Guida all’Europrogettazione project. The accessibility system presented offers both classic functions such as text size and high contrast and also user modes dedicated to different and specific types of visual impairment. Moreover, the new User interfaces solutions highlight the contemporary look of the Foundation by promoting its contents with the use of an institutional color palette and a secondary color palette. Barlow and Fraktion Mon, the two fonts selected for the website, underline the new digital nature of the Foundation.

With the website restyling Fondazione CRT increases its relevance and contemporaneity.

For an accessible and inclusive

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In our career, it’s rare to have the chance to work on long-term multidisciplinary projects for such a prestigious Client. I have been honored and pleased to have taken part in the renewal of the Fondazione CRT. We carried out several important projects for the Foundation, including the communication plan for participating in the 2006 Paralympics Games in Turin, the recent Guide to Europlanning, and the Turin office’s presence in the OGR Tech. For Cappelli Identity Design, this is a renewed commitment that continues by redesigning the new website and working on future projects.

Fabio Zanino – Head of Communication & External Relations

One of the biggest challenges of describing an institution like the Fondazione CRT is reaching the right balance between institutional profile and innovative spirit. Today, we can convey a contemporary, forward-looking narrative layout while offering a solid image for one of the most prominent players of the Country’s economic, social and cultural development.

Massimiliano Napoli – Communication Project Manager

We have expanded the project with 3D virtual exhibitions to allow visitors to immerse themselves and explore the world of CRT Foundation at 360°, like in a video game.

Partnering with such a prestigious player of the cultural, social, and scientific world allowed us to shed light on our fundamental beliefs. Our daily work as designers and marketers is strictly connected to the company’s values we represent. Working for Fondazione CRT made us proud.

Arianna Cappelli – Strategy

Reflecting the values of the Foundation through words and images with the institutional video “Fondazione CRT. Il futuro, insieme” has allowed us to continue our research into identity and diversity, cultural contamination and innovative exchange.

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Arianna Cappelli
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