Ritratto Rosso. Elisabetta Catalano looks at Federico Fellini: in this exhibition the story of the great Maestro is reflected and increased in intensity – wherever possible – when portrayed by the photographer’s deep lens.

Thanks to the significant collaboration between Istituto Luce, Cinecittà and Elisabetta Catalano’s Archive, Emanuele Cappelli was able to curate the exhibition’s artistic direction inside the historical Teatro 1. He arranged a very special scenographic and creative setting that expressed, in a single path, Catalano’s view of Fellini’s work. Emanuele Cappelli, a great connoisseur of Fellini, having already curated two exhibition halls dedicated to the Maestro, at the Venice International Film Festival and at the Cannes Film Festival 2020, has designed colossal vertical stage wings 8 meters high, that cast shadows and create unreal walls. This space is made of light and absence of light: it is like wandering through one of the Maestro’s films, with Elisabetta capturing glances, gestures and small details.

The tribute to the great photographer is finally marked by the reconstruction of Catalano’s studio. With extreme refinement and sensitivity, the exhibition reveals to visitors the real space in which Catalano was getting ready to immortalize Fellini for the last time.

An intense look.

Art Direction
Digital Advertising
Exhibit Design
Light Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphic
Sound Design

The whole idea of Ri-tratto Rosso revolves around the concept of time that does not come back; although, thanks to Fellini, time does come back. The focus of my research became restoring the dreamlike atmosphere of Fellini's visual sensibility through color and sound effects. I tried to imagine the best way to translate this same atmosphere so that everyone could understand it today. Therefore, I let the space do the talking and filled it with time.

Emanuele Cappelli

Art Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Emanuele Cappelli, Aldo E. Ponis
Barbara Goretti
Texts & Iconographic Selection
Laura Cherubini, Raffaele Simongini
Visual & Exhibit Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Light Design
Mauro Stancati
Sound Design
Federico Landini
Video Editing
Giulia Martino
Production Manager
Emiliano Gatti
Arianna Cappelli
Digital Marketing
Amin Abu Islahi
Cinzia Capparelli

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