We are happy to announce that three of our projects have been awarded by the World Brand Design Society in the area of brand design and type design.

Our studio’s success is the result of the application of a proprietary design methodology, taught in Italy and around the world: the Dynamic brandThis approach, outlined in the book of the same name Dynamic brand published by Skira, places the individual at the center of the corporate identity, building a fluid and cohesive relationship across all communication channels, in tune with cultural or corporate values. Confirmed awards testify to successful collaborations with clients in the social, IoT and design sectors.

SILVER Award, Identity: Brand Redesign for the brand identity of Psicodizione, a cooperative active in social work with the aim of overcoming stuttering.
Case study

BRONZE Award, Identity: Brand Redesign for the renewal of the identity of WAY, a technology partner of excellence in Italy in the IoT sector, specializing in 4.0 logistics and the security of people, goods and vehicles in motion.
Case study

BRONZE Award, Single Typeface Design for the KR Type variable typeface project, inspired by the famous designer Karim Rashid, one of the world’s most celebrated artists and creatives, with whom Cappelli Identity Design has a long-standing collaboration.
Case study

Emanuele Cappelli commented «receiving an award for your work can be a double-edged sword: a great happiness, but also a danger if it means resting on your laurels. Although we are not talking about laurels, these prestigious awards have given us the desire not to stop and to improve in order to aim for gold. This is our goal: to continue to evolve in our approach, experimentation and team cohesion».

World Brand Design Society has also included us in the Global Agency Design Ranking Top 100.

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