Naming, logo study and set design: these are the key elements of the project by Cappelli Identity Design studio for Luce Social Club, a cultural and cinematic TV show by Erma Productions, from March 6 on Sky Arte.

Luce Social Club - Set Design by Cappelli Identity Design

MIBAC and SKY ARTE have turned to the independent production company ERMA Productions for the realization of a cultural programme called Luce Social Club, in which the universes of cinema, theater, and culture intersect.
The launch of the show required a completely new creative concept, including its name and logo and the creation of the studio sets. Cappelli Identity Design studio has been selected to take on this exciting challenge.


Working for the entertainment industry has been a completely new project for us, one that began a couple of years ago with the two wins at Cannes and the two in Venice and which, today, has made its way to Sky’s studios.

Emanuele Cappelli


These are the words of Emanuele Cappelli, Creative Director of Cappelli Identity Design in Rome, a design and strategic marketing studio which has already successfully curated the creative universe of the Italian Pavilion at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and the 2018 and 2019 Venice International Film Festival. Designing complex works with many different facets – such as visual communication projects that include logo study, scenography and visual identity graphic application – it is a meticulous and, yet, extremely stimulating work.

Such an extensive project as the one developed for the Luce Social Club programme requires months of planning, study, analysis, and constant challenges.This implies  always looking for new and extraordinary material as well as creative solutions.

In order to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, we needed to summon all the skills of television, mass communication, entertainment, and beauty creators produced by the designers.
The audience must be driven into a vibrant, subtle and captivating world. A world that makes people dream by keeping them informed.

Cappelli Identity Design progetta il design per Luce Social Club

A multi-level project for Luce Social Club.

Producing a conceptual container that would present spaces, times and formats in a uniform yet always interesting way, immediately revolved around overcoming the most complex challenge. Namely, the question was how to create a scenic environment for a 36-episode programme that would be able to change each time it was broadcast, without ever repeating pre-existing elements, but instead enhancing the value of its contents.

Cappelli studio has found the solution in a versatile and light system, based on an adaptable and modular scenography, mostly expressed in black and white shades that can also be adjusted by lights. The panels provide a sense of unexpected mix and match that makes the scenic design changeable and effective with each episode of the programme.

Compared to classic bottom-up static structures, a set design based on movable, lightweight and versatile elements delivers a lot of scenic movement and lends itself to depths and perspectives different from time to time.

Emanuele Cappelli

The technical design of the panels was further enriched by Giuseppe Cristiano creative inspiration. He is a storyboard artist and scriptwriter working in cinema and international advertising (here the interview published on L’Espresso). The meeting between Cristiano and Cappelli Studio soon sparked creativity, which then successfully resulted in the final set design for Luce Social Club.

Cristiano’s illustrations stand out on the panels, on the seats and on the conference table inside the studio, thus becoming an essential part of the scenography. Those elements have been designed to be placed on physical and three-dimensional spaces, thereby increasing the perception of the setting and its depth.

The ever-changing space engages in dialogue with the culture of theater, cinema, and video games, hosting a rich cultural debate.

Cappelli Identity Design firma il design dello studio Luce Social Club

Luce Social Club: naming study.

Cappelli’s studio decided to give this TV programme the name Luce Social Club, rendering the idea of an iridescent world of characters, famous phrases, and aesthetic places that become part of the scenography.

In Luce Social Club we find echoes of the Caribbean energy, rhythm, and colors. Even the choice of the font reflects this feeling: everyday life’s neon and colors speak directly of damp streets, shop windows reflections, luminous signs, and smoky atmospheres of underground clubs full of humanity. Luce Social Club thus becomes a late-night event, a moment of confrontation between leading figures from the film industry along with the major creative and performing artists.

With this multi-level project, Cappelli studio has been able to combine scenography and design, while intersecting their multiple dimensions, reflections and nuances. Such as the interpretation of chromatic temperatures, the attention to lighting, the search for colors and urban settings, the modulation of the new and the changing.

Luce Social Club
Luce Social Club

Dynamism, versatility, and narration are not only the key elements for the realization of this project, but also the tools of the profession practiced by Cappelli Identity Design studio.

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