Naming definition.

“Naming” means “to give someone or something a name.” When used in marketing, naming stands for the creative process needed to name a company, a service, a product, a brand, or a single project. Choosing a name is a strategical operation involving many factors: business goals, the quality of the object to communicate, the reference context, the people to which it is addressed (target, audience, personas). A name needs to have specific features such as being short (almost always recommended), being easy to remember, and having a musicality in line with the tone of voice used by the promoting business.

Logo Ri-tratto Rosso
Logo Ri-tratto Rosso

Naming results from a strategical marketing process that uses research to reach a specific positioning.
A good naming should be easy to remember, catchy, short, original.

What's the naming purpose?

Choosing a naming or a brand name is paramount as it can determine the success of a given service, business, or product in the reference market. All types of creative processes require performing analysis and research. The same steps are followed, for example, when designing a logo.


How do you pick a successful naming?

If the naming, as well as the logo, succeeds in giving character and personality to the brand, to the company, to the service that you want to promote, if it succeeds - in essence - in determining identity, it is first of all necessary to clarify the business and communication objective. For this reason, before starting the creative work, analysis, research and benchmarking activities are fundamental, in order to structure strategy and positioning. Once these points have been fixed, the type of public to which it is addressed must be considered, as well as the market reference scenario. In fact, the creation of a naming involves several professional figures together: from marketers to creatives (designers and copywriters) who work together to identify and define the identity, also based on business and marketing objectives. In essence, we can summarize that there is no such thing as a successful naming par excellence. Although we can say with certainty that the maximum result is to reach with a clear message and in the shortest time possible the right audience. With the right naming all this can be done with a single word.