Social Media Marketing definition.

Social Media Marketing is a set of activities aimed at promoting a company, a product, or a service on social platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.). Usually, a brand positioning strategy is built by focusing on the channels in which target audience or who may be interested in that brand is more available. The scheduling of content, the study of effective formats and texts, the tactics of post advertising, together with other control factors, help to build plans that are highly goal-oriented – such as, for example, increasing the fanbase or direct selling a product.

Is it more productive to convey information via text, video, images or infographics? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and there is no clear answer. It is often the mix of those which leads the most effective strategy, based on the reference market and especially the audience. Because in the world of social media, communication is not only addressed to people, but also built with people and elaborated by people.

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts

3.5B active social media users worldwide. 45% of total population.
Social Media Marketing always requires starting with data and always aiming for clear objectives.

How do we work on Social Media Marketing?

First, we analyze the customer "social media positioning" and its main competitors on social networks. We check and analyze the positive and negative feedback, and the general Sentimenti about the brand. Then, we perform a deeper analysis on different level, i.e. market positioning, overall strategy, tone of voice, etc. We study audience and targets, identifying main influencers, and finally drafting an editorial plan. Furthermore, we take care of community management, and draw up a crisis management plan.

Data and visual communication are always involved into analysis. In our approach there is the ambition to design outside the box, that is the ability to look beyond traditional solutions. We work closely with graphic designers, each one with his own competences: illustrators, motion-graphic designers, web designers, etc. That allows to conceive and create the perfect format for every touchpoint.

How do we hit goals in Social Media Marketing?

Nothing is taken for granted. Strategies are always tailored to the customer needs, respecting their actual goals in accordance with the budget.

Through a co-design approach and regular follow-up with our customers, we are able to control every activity: strategies has measurable results in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) and Key Performance Indexes (KPI), and these are always determined together with the customer. Our way of working is win-win. Through the delivery of detailed reports we can return budgets and ROI trends, thanks to which we can plan next steps. We love to achieve goals, and overcoming them makes us unbeatable.