Digital Design definition.

Digital design is the re-mediation of design in the digital media environment. It can be defined as communication in pixels.

A digital designer features a wired mind in movement. He’s a designer who scrolls but not browses. He’s a creative designer who perfectly displays the transformations that his work will have in respect to the medium on which it is applied, , even before realizing it. He has to consider different preliminary factors, relying them on laws that go beyond pure design. He has to think in a three-dimensional way, being able to integrate his outcomes with the work of marketing and development teams. The final product of the digital designer’s work will be declined on different supports and platforms, different formats at the same time. It’s a living, flickering, eclectic job.


So, Digital Design is uncontrollable, dynamic, constantly accelerating. It’s a living work, with an absolute contemporaneity.
In Digital Design, the designer has to necessarily know the digital medium and its operational dynamics, in addition to being a ninja designer!

In this age of digital interactions, Digital Design may concern:

  • The design applied to social media communication, which needs a lively developing that will never be the same in respect to the User Experience of a website.
  • The design applied to all digital channels, which needs to be always recognizable and coherent.

How does it works?

Digital Design includes disciplines that range between all types of competence: in creating a digital design product, the professional contribution of different specialized figures is required, such as Motion Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and Web Designers at all.

Given the complexity and the extreme demand for adaptability of the finished product, all these roles have to be able to work at the same time, creating a multifaceted and conceptually three-dimensional product.

We plan and develop Digital Design products with the support of Art Directors, Web Designers, Web Developers, Motion Graphic Designers and Digital Strategists.