Conversations about what the Dynamic brand is and the Cappelli Identity Design method.

Emanuele Cappelli, CEO, Creative Director and Professor, recounts himself in this interview starting from his professional debut and the early years of the Cappelli studio. An open and sincere tale that passes through some anecdotes of life that have also determined the studio’s future. It all started with a first important gig for the Venice Biennale that I like to define as an actual birth, thus begins the story of Emanuele Cappelli in front of the cameras of Italian Innovators, the format of research, interviews and lectures on Made in Italy’s creative and entrepreneurial concepts. The main concept we care about in Cappelli Identity Design is the research supporting the concept to design identity systems and strategies. The image without content is ephemeral. For this reason, it is essential always to go deeper, listening and setting goals not only related to numbers but also and above all to human relationships.

Dynamic Brand Sun Model

Luca Cottini gets into the conversation and asks Emanuele to reveal more about the Dynamic brand methodology. Then, an exciting overview and report on the latest productions of the studio: from the Felliniana type, based on the original handwriting of Federico Fellini, to the exhibition Ri-tratto Rosso dedicated to the great Master Fellini, up to the relevant project of Type Design OT L22 dedicated to the world Olivetti, we get to talk about the new method of which Emanuele Cappelli is a pioneer.


This interview reveals what the Dynamic brand is: the evolution of the concept of Brand Identity, dedicated to people in relation to space and time. The Dynamic brand develops through all communication languages and applies to startups and large companies. The representation of the Sun Model puts the identity system at the center and allows you to achieve goals by optimizing the investment budget. This has all become a book.

Since 2011 Emanuele Cappelli has been teaching the methodology of the Dynamic brand in different academies and universities around the world.

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