Cappelli Identity Design and ADI Design Museum together to present the book on the Dynamic brand.

The promotional tour of the book “Dynamic brand. The new methodology of brand communication”, edited by Emanuele Cappelli and published by Skira, continues. After the date of Turin in OGR Tech, Friday, April 29, at 18:00, inside the foyer of the ADI Design Museum, it was the turn of Milan with meeting entitled “Dynamic brand the new perspective of strategic design”. On this occasion, we have talked about our worldview and design technique in a book that reveals the secrets of our method. 

The Dynamic brand is the evolution of the concept of Brand identity developed through all the strategic communication languages. The presentation focused on the theme of brand communication with the application of the methodology developed by Emanuele Cappelli, Founder & Creative Director of Studio Cappelli Identity Design.

The methodology of the dynamic brand is taught in national and international universities and academies of graphic design and applied for the projects in our creative studio.

Accompanying us on this tour were and will be many friends and colleagues who, each in their own way, are able to mark an important stage in our journey towards new scenarios every time.

In Milan was with us Elisabetta Chiono, editor for the newspaper Exibart, Director of Crag Gallery and Founder Projec_To and Fabio Zanino Head of Communication & External Relations who explained how our book is promoted.

The protagonist of the story is once again the Dynamic brand and its creator Emanuele Cappelli Founder & Creative Director.

The book, with a preface by Steven Heller and an introduction by Betti Marenko, is distributed worldwide by Artbook and Thames & Hudson and in these days it is celebrating its debut on the publishing market in Italy and around the world. 

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