Cappelli Identity Design creates the new logo and the creative concept of the Italian Pavilion at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Journey is a powerful element that brings together a fragmented territory, its language and its culture.
Through traveling, one can even experience rebirth: it was when trying to overcome such a globally significant event as the pandemic that the Cappelli Identity Design studio came up with this idea. Indeed, starting from this very thought the studio was inspired to design the logo and the layout of the Italian Pavilion at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.
Therefore, rebirth comes at the end of a conscious journey and becomes the regenerating purpose of the whole 2021 Italian Pavilion. The idea of journey as rebirth takes its inspiration from the Renaissance atmospheres that marked the end of a dark period, and also from the positive spirit of the Italian economic boom in the 1950s and 1960s. Our intention is to celebrate all the optimistic and transformative moments of our country in a single space.
After a one-year break, last July once again witnessed the opening of a major festival that celebrates cinema from around the world, the Cannes film festival. A return to life that enhances the sense of culture, community and humanity.

The Italian Pavilion logo and the rebirth

The logo of the 74th edition is dedicated to the world of entertainment resuming its activities, as well as to the rebirth of a vital spirit in which creativity and fulfilment emerge.
In evoking rarefied, fluid and elegant atmospheres, the Italian Pavilion lettering is intended to help restore order and hope as opposed to the confusion and discouragement of such a peculiar time in history.
This message is intensified by using warm colours for the lettering background that evoke the Cannes sunsets.

The Italian Pavilion is a journey through the countless number of Italian dialects

In the Italian Pavilion at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, journey is also used as a synonym for language exploration, which is a key element in narrating the diverse regional cultures and traditions in Italy. 
Thanks to a purely auditory environment and references from the most iconic Italian films, visitors feel like traveling through some of Italy’s unexplored and original places. This is how a country becomes a concept. The idea of “journey” in the Italian Pavilion also means the desire to specifically investigate a simple and popular (and therefore extremely powerful) mode of expression that brings people together and makes every place unique. In this edition, the Italian dialects represented in the Italian Pavilion are given back their due attention.

The moment that we have recently experienced has created a collective memory of different life stories which merge into art and cinema. What we want to talk about in this edition isn’t just travel, but rather exploration. Sensory, visual, auditory and sentimental exploration. Here is the place where images are nothing more than the fruit of our own lively imagination triggered by the evocative power of sound and light.

Emanuele Cappelli

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