The cinematic experience through design. This is our contribution to the Afragola Film Festival 2023, Al di là della visione, a film festival dedicated to the relationship between audiovisual, design and architecture. Emanuele Cappelli‘s talk will focus on three fascinating projects.

The exhibition and catalogue Ri-tratto Rosso, dedicated to the master Federico Fellini through unpublished shots by Elisabetta Catalano, takes up the scenographic moods of the film Otto e mezzo, translated into a museum itinerary made up of digital and analogue interactions of light, sound and scenographic sheets.

We will also bring to the stage the experience of the Italian Pavilion at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival with the concept Vizi e Virtù (Vices and Virtues). We celebrated cinema and art in a path where content and walls of light alternated to create a surprising experience. For the first time in the 72 years of the festival, we presented a live performance by six dancers.

Finally, with the project for the Italian Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, celebrating the 50th year since ’68, through Optical Art and great Italian filmmakers, considered by most to be second-rate, such as Mario Bava and Elio Petri.

A celebration of art, film and design that is increasingly dynamic, offering inspiration on how visual identities, composed of spaces, sounds and images, can become extraordinary vehicles for telling stories and creating new emotional and human connections.

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