SEO – Search Engine Optimization definition.

SEO optimization is a bundle of proceeding which includes different activities aimed to make websites “search engine friendly”, enhancing its SERP positioning. These are activities that involve meaningful choices in the structure of a website, words to use instead of others, choices for naming, such as titles, sections, tags or meta-descriptions optimized for every single page instead of a standard setup, and so on.

It starts from the analysis of main keywords which involves a strategic positioning choice. If you choose keywords with wide searching volumes, in all probability tied to websites with a solid positioning for reference and history, everything becomes more difficult – although not impossible to handle. But you can achieve great goals if the choices you put in place go behind to a strong strategy.

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The positioning of a web page on search engines is the outcome of a specialized process made by technical as well as strategic components. It’s not a one-off job, but continuous.

What is meant by good SEO ranking?

If you are reading this page because of you searched for SEO on Google, then we were good to position the "SEO" keyword. Overall, having a good ranking means that the page – optimized for a certain keyword – is displayed by the search engine on the first page of results, hopefully among the first three organic results.

Whenever a new page is created on a website – it could be structural or a new blog page – it needs to be optimized in SEO perspective by implementing the working strategy.

This guarantees a regular and coherent system that returns good results in the ranking: being at the top positions means having many possibilities to improve your business.

Is it worth invest on SEO activities?

We always design search engine friendly websites. In the same way, without false hopes, we always communicate to our customers that it's very unlikely to think that a website can receive visitors without an investment in advertising – even the slightest. Those two activities go hand in hand.

To be clear, we always apply a basic optimization in SEO perspective when designing a website. We plan advanced ad hoc strategies for each customer if we think it's could be pivotal for his web positioning as well as growth. Finally, we always suggest to set up a maintenance and growth framework also aimed at SEO ranking.