We are proud to participate in Maersk IP Day on September 6 in Copenhagen, Denmark, organized by Simone Frattasi and Sefija Ceric.

Emanuele Cappelli, Founder and Creative Director of Cappelli Identity Design and author of the book Dynamic Brand. The New Methodology of Brand Communication, took part in the event with a keynote speech on Dynamic Brand, followed by a roundtable on How to Protect Your Dynamic Brand.

35 Danish and Swedish companies are represented, with 75 participants with roles within IP, legal, brand management, and innovation management. The programme features keynote speakers from Spotify, Johnson & Johnson, Thyssenkrupp, Unified Patents, Open Invention Network.

Some of the topics covered are IP holding companies, data-driven invention generation, NPE risk mitigation, brand protection in the metaverse, and IP protection for “dynamic” brands.

A day dedicated to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation within IP management.

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