After presenting the Olivetti world at the [E]Design Festival, we came back to Treviso as cultural partners with the talk Design and the Aesthetics of Chaos.

Neat chaos creates design: creative planning to meet real human needs, combining functional and aesthetic values in a rational and instinctive balance.

[E]Design Festival Treviso Talk Zanino Cappelli
[E]Design Festival Treviso Talk Zanino Cappelli

Design is a cross-culture that investigates the world and provides articulate answers. The Design summarizes different cultural elements, and the designers are explorers without a defined route. They bring new words and languages into projects full of ethical and aesthetic qualities.

Fabio Zanino, Head of Communication & External Relations

As we saw with Giorgio Parisi, theoretical physicist of  University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (IFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics) awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chaos and disorder are the fundamental forces behind creation, mainly when it comes to the generation of new aesthetic forms. 

For this process to reach an end and be meaningful, we must find in substance an entropy relationship that escapes the laws of Physics to follow human perception. Starting from this assumption, we created Decostruzioni, an artistic and sculptural project focused on the relationship between time, man, and substance. By taking an objet trouvé, the project dignifies the marginal things to breathe new life and meanings into them. 

The creative process, feeding on the suspended dimension of the journey, combines ethical values with research, sustainability with integration. This narrative design project instinctively became a catalyst for synergy among different realities sharing common ethical and aesthetic values.

[E]Design Festival Treviso Talk Zanino Cappelli
[E]Design Festival Treviso Talk Zanino Cappelli
We also described how people and brands interact in design narratives and how the values of research, sustainability, and integration drive the creative approach adopted by Cappelli Identity Design to develop its projects: #SoWeDesign.

Cappelli Identity Design is made out of different people, identities, and cultures united by common ethics. Together they constitute a liquid, flexible, but organized group, always open to contamination and integrated development.

Arianna Cappelli, Head of Strategy & Client Director

Emanuele Cappelli e i suoi poster – Olivetti Design Contest

Cappelli Identity Design continues to be an exceptional cultural partner of the Festival. After the Exhibition dedicated to Olivetti, held in Treviso, we also took part in the talks, enriching us all. Sharing values such as aesthetics, ethics, innovation, and inclusion, makes this partnership more valuable and paves the way to future projects

Luciano Setten, Creator and Artistic Director of the [e]Design Festival of Treviso

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